Dark Age Of Camelot

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Please be sure to read the rules

***Sites with lacking or unrelated content are not accepted.
***Sites with too many ads/popups are not accepted.
***Sites requiring signups or a password to view their content are not accepted.
***Sites not in ENGLISH are not accepted.

. No Pop up banners or other devices on your site to enhance your ranking. This includes Mass email, spamming of your vote link or including your vote button on a URL that IS NOT the domain you signed up with.  Vote buttons may ONLY appear on the domain your site is hosted on.  NO EXCEPTIONS!  The top 10 sites will be periodically checked for cheaters.  No second chances.  You cheat, your gone and your URL domain/Email will be deleted and banned from signups.
 2. Your link code may not be blindly link from other text/images other then provided on the page after the sign up process.  If you do your site will be deleted!  This means no links saying "click here for new hacks" and having it link to your voting link.  You will be banned!  Similarly, if you alter our provided code, your rankings might not count properly which can only be of loss to you and result deletion/ban.

 3.  Alteration of button image size WILL result in deletion/ban. The top 10 sites are constantly checked for violations of this and the above.  If the voting button does not appear on your site you specified at sign up, your account may also be deleted.
 4. Your Site may not contain porn, warez, trojens, viruses, ect.  Basically, keep your site PG-13 and legal.
 5. The content of your site must coincide with the topsite your signing up for.  If it does not contain any or sufficient content for the game at question your site may be deleted.
 6.  Your site must be in ENGLISH! If its not, it will be removed
 7. If you don't get a lot of clicks make sure you yourself vote for your link once every 15 days or your account might be deleted from inactivity.

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